Our little retro Afro chic tote bag will add spunk to any fashionista’s wardrobe. Amp up your look with accented, interwoven, ribbon and clear piping straps. Choose from monochrome soild coloured lining or spice things up with Shwe Shwe fabric. Perfect for stashing your high-voltage lip gloss and fluorescent-toned wallet.

Handmade in made in South Africa / Made from recycled cargo strapping / Monochrome solid coloured lining or 100% African Shwe Shwe fabric /Patterned ribbon accent interwoven/ Clear tube strap interwoven with ribbon / Leather flap stud closure
Dimensions: 7.5 ”(h) x 9” (l) x5″ (w)

Take a look at our current stock available or we can custom make any combination.

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WEAVE COMBINATIONS: We have several combinations of our weaves. The cargo strapping we use comes in 4 basic colours: red, black, white and blue. For an idea of the patterns, please take note of the specific code number. We prefer to make the tote bags in two colour combinations only, because of the ribbon accent woven in between the strapping.

FABRIC LINING: Our range of 100% African Shwe Shwe fabric, is designed in a range of colours that compliment the weaves. We select from the following colours with varying Shwe Shwe patterns: red, pink, black & white and blue. The tote bags are also available in monochrome colours that include green, red, blue, white, black, purple and yellow.


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