Our Story


Bundubags is a bag company with a difference. We make beautiful, innovative, recycled bags, with a core belief that lives can be changed by design. Bundubags began with a creative idea, a love of contemporary African design and a heart for African women.

Recycling in Africa has been a way of life out of necessity, and some of the most innovative, inspiring craft in Africa is made using upcycled material. It was this inspiration that moved us to seek out a material that we could use to create a striking range of bags, and at the same time utilise traditional African craft skills.

The material we use for the shell of each of our bags is woven, recycled, cargo strapping. This versatile, durable, light weight material formed the basis of our bags.

Using traditional weaving skills as a way to generate an income for the lives of previously unemployed women in South Africa, Bundubags began.

We believe that empowering African women through sustainable income generation is the solution to poverty alleviation which can be achieved through social enterprise. Our mission is to empower African women to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Bundubags is run as efficiently and as profitably as a company, with a strong belief in trade not aid. Although consumerism makes many empty promises, responsible and proactive consumerism has the ability to change lives.

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