About Our Bags

Black & white weave with red Shwe Shwe lining

Black & white weave with red Shwe Shwe lining

Bundubags is a range of striking, recycled and upcycled, handmade bags inspired by African women and the versatile possibilities of waste material like cargo strapping, vinyl billboards and hessian produce bags. Our bags started out of a desire to create something completely unique, Afr0-centric, and eco friendly that could harness the existing skills of traditional African sewing techniques. Our signature range of Bundubags are completely handmade, from the woven recycled strapping, to the 100% African cotton ShweShwe lining.

Bundubags hand woven from recycled cargo strapping.

The formal name for ShweShwe (also sometimes written shwe shwe) is ‘Indigo-dyed discharge printed fabric’. Shwe Shwe fabric is a 100% cotton fabric manufactured in the traditional way using copper rollers which have patterns etched on the surface, allowing the transfer of a weak discharge solution onto the fabric. The process has remained the same since the 19th century.

red shwe shwe lining

ShweShwe lined Bundubags.

Bundubags’ commitment to sustainability goes beyond upcycling waste-bound materials. We also practice fair trade principles with all of the people and companies involved with making Bundubags possible.  In short, we care about the people that make Bundubags. They are the ones that put their skills and love into making our bags. Bundubags is a small hands-on business, so we see the value inherent in investing in the lives of the women and their communities.

ShweShwe lined messenger bag by Bundubags.

ShweShwe lined messenger bag by Bundubags.


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