Did you know there are about 600,000 tons of Billboard waste annually?!

This adds a tremendous amount of waste to already overflowing landfills, and uses massive amounts of energy. Many misprinted billboards are also discarded, seemingly unsuitable for display or any other use.


With the Bundubags belief that fashion and conscience are intertwined and our ongoing quest to create new and innovative products, we went in search of a new material that we could use to ‘upcycle’, much like we do with our cargo strapping. When we delved into the exciting world of waste material, the vinyl billboard was a natural fit.

The ubiquitous billboards that we routinely see during our everyday lives are made out of PVC, some pretty nasty stuff.  Each year organisations spend large amounts of ‘moola’ and hundreds of hours working out that perfect billboard pitch for a new product, new art exhibit, or rock concert. All that work goes into designing and printing billboard signage that has maybe three or four months of useful life before it is replaced. Due to the nature of billboards being hung outdoors and subjected to weather, they are made of out a fairly indestructible material.  Sadly, this also means that they are not biodegradable or even degradable.  Items made out of PVC retain their form for decades and decades, and eventually just granulate (breaking down into smaller pieces of the same substance).

The solution…the heavy-duty vinyl Billboards are collected, washed, hand cut and then stitched into sturdy and sustainable ‘upcycled’ bags. These bags are all custom, one of a kind units, made in South Africa. It is next to impossible to get two bags exactly the same even when using multiples of the same source billboards, so each unit is truly unique.

This process helps to keep vinyl billboards from ending up in the landfill, while putting a one-of-a-kind bag on you. A typical billboard is 14 feet high and 48 feet long, and out of that material we get roughly 90 to 95 messenger bags or totes. (Each bag takes six square feet of material).

Our focus with our new range of BoardBags is to supply the growing conference market with an alternative to cheap, toxic plastic imports that are made from scratch. In an era where global, corporate, social responsibility should be at the forefront of all businesses, being able to make a small impact with our sustainable, upcycled, beautiful bags takes us one step closer to a better planet.